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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Zvezda could stop developing 1/72 historic sets!

Hi folks!

I am so sorry, but the bad news about 1/72 scale (I may call it, here in this blog; 'our') are lasting…

There are some rumors on the net that Zvezda has some conflicts with his sculptors and will stop producing and developing 1/72 historic sets which do not belong to the WW2 era.

If this is true, then they will cancel most of their upcoming 1/72 sets like Italeri did some days ago.

We all can be certain when the new catalogues will be handed out during "the Nuremberg toy fair" in February.

We all know, that the economic crisis in the last couple of years made it not easier for the manufacturers in our hobby.

But I hope, that the solution is not to lose their sculptors in the case of Zvezda, because IMHO they are the best. (OK; forget the size problems!)

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  1. Well I hope the sculptors leave and do anything but WWII in protest. there´s way too much of it about anyway IMHO. It would be a shame and if it´s true...then i might consider not buying any of thier products.