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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

British infantry northern Europe from Airfix!

Now you can see on the Airfix website a box image (temporary!) of the incoming "British infantry northern europe' - figures (IMHO it could be named better!) set in 1/72 scale:
The description on the website:

"This set of NEW figures depict in 15 poses british infantry troops in operations in the days and months after D-Day."

The word "new" is highlighted on the website, not just here!

Since the new products of Airfix in 2010 it was known that this set are/will be produced, but nobody was sure, new molds or old molds and in which scale!

Was the old molds of this set lost?
Now, 2 weeks before "Nuernberg Toy fair" this announcement makes it claerer:

New molds, in 1/72 scale, 15 poses with 48 parts!

1 comment:

  1. 1/72nd??? Sounds a bit of a departure for Airfix.
    I can´t see them being 1/72nd....some of thier kits have that written on them (the MKI tanks have it all over the instructions and the original artwork as well) but Airfix stuff is clearly 1/76th - HO/OO.
    I´llwait and see.