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Monday, January 10, 2011

Revell-Germany 2011 news in 1/72 scale!

Today another 2011 news-list regarding figures and military vehicles from Revell-Germany.

in January 2011:

scottish infantry/8th army (Re-issue!)

german infantry DAK (Re-issue!)

in July 2011:

german infantry (Re-issue!)

in August 2011:

american infantry (Re-issue!)

in September 0211:

british infantry (Re-issue!)

2 Re-issues of military vehicles in 1/72 scale;

in February 2011:

in April 2011:

PzKpfw. IV Ausf. H

(The pictures are from "Revell-Germany"-website!)

Only Re-issues in 1/72 scale is not so motivating for the collectors, but some of them can be bought and added to some collections, for those who missed or lost them. (like in my case!)

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  1. Its a shame Revell are not producing any new sets,but these are warmly welcomed back though.cheers for letting us know.

    Cheers Rich,