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Thursday, October 28, 2010

the first armour vehicles on both sides and Clearness in Scale guestion!

Today we have pictures of the first armour vehicles from both sides:

German armour in the basic game will be represented by Panzer II, actually a light and uneffective tank against soviet counterparts!


and the back side of the box:

A finished model without any paint work:

I expected, honestly a Panzer III, a medium german panzer, as the main unit at the beginning of the OP Barbarossa!

But when I saw the soviet armour counterpart:

T-26 box:

and box back:

A finished model without any paint work:

Both Panzer consists of 5 parts and have their unit cards!

By the way, due to the information on the back side of the box we know that the armoured (and unarmoured ones logically!) have the 1/100 scale!

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