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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Great Patriotic War - Summer 1941

Zvezda annouced a military-historical board game:

"The Great Patriotic War. Summer 1941"

I made this translation in Google, some mistakes could be done by me!

The game will be on sale on 20 October 2010 and it contents:

* 54 infantry figures

* 5 models of technology (I am not sure, what does that mean?)

* 1 model airplane

* 4 model guns

* a set of engineering structures (I think, that means barbed wire, sandbags...)

* 6 bilateral (double sided) playing fields

* 30 elements(additional hexagons with different terrain characteristics) of the bilateral area

* 6-cell heights

* 29 game cards

* Rules of the Game

* Booklet with scenarios

* 2pamyatki(No idea, what that means; sorry!)

* 2 pen

* A set of decals

The figures and vehicles are in 1/72 scale, the production line includes not only figures and tanks, also, AT-guns, AA-guns, howitzers, trucks and planes!

If this new boardgame can be compared with Memoir 44, Tide of Iron and Panzer General, is the next question.

The "Age of Battles" serie was not so beloved and popular in Europe, (my own experience!).

I hope, that Zvezda will market this one better than the first series!

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