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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fantasy Flight Games / "Battles of Westeros" - boardgame / the round track with its marker, victory markers and banners!

The round track with its marker and 2 victory markers for each house are other game components.

While, logically, the round markers defines the current round, the victory markers shows the actual victory points of each house.

All of these markers have "+10" sign on their reverse sides.

More important is the fact that the round track has 10 spaces in 2 different colors, white and black. Round one is white, round two is black, and so on..

With this additional detail the round marker's position defines also the round color!

For better understanding of this detail we should describe another component, "the banners".

Like in BL, one figure of each unit must have a banner, which indicates his House and its combat rank. But in BoW the banners have 2 different colors on their each sides, black and white; like on the round track.

In the first phase of each round the players should rotate their units banners so that the colors of both components match each other.

This is called "ralling units' and makes them all "active".

It's very important, because only active units can be given orders during the game.

The current color of the banners should face the respective players of each side.

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