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Friday, October 15, 2010

Fantasy Flight Games / Battles of Westeros boardgame / Order tokens - another component!

Players use order tokens or/and Leadership cardsto order their armies.

Order tokens allow a player to give direct orders to a single unit.

There are 5 different variants of order tokens.

Photo of two:

Green-, blue-, red shield, valor(gauntlet) and morale (flag)!

The colored ones could be used to order units with the same color(rank).

The valor token a unit of any rank.

Two tokens of the same type at once to order any unit.

It is important to notice that ordering with an order token is the ONLY way to give an order to an UNCONTROLLED unit.

(A unit which is out of ZOC (Zone of Control) of any commander is uncontrolled!)

The flag token is an exception in compare to the other order tokens.

This could be used for increasing his House's morale by one or

to rally one of his units by decreasing his House's morale by one!

In both cases of flag order token no unit could be ordered.

In each Battle plan (scenario) there is a Order rating icon. A symbol with 2 dices and a number beside it.

The active player rolls a number of dice equal to this number and takes order tokens from the supply which match the results of the dice rolled.

This new order tokens forms the players Order Pool.

After giving an order to a single unit, the choosen order token will be placed into the supply back.

And the unit's banner must be turned to its inactive side. (Opposite color of the current round track to the respective/active player)

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