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Monday, October 11, 2010

"Great Sieges"- wargame magazine figures and vehicles list!

Zvezda's new board game "Great Patriotic War 1941" includes figures and vehicles which were delivered with a new "Wargame" magazine called "Great Sieges:Military history of Russia."

The first issue was sold on 9 April 2010.

Here is the complete list of all the figures and vehicles:

(Please remember that "Google" translation-function was used!)

№ 1: Soviet and German infantry, dice, cards
№ 2: measuring tape, the German machine-gun (2 gun), Soviet infantry, cards, dice, plastic hexagon heights.
№ 3: German Infantry, the Soviet machine gun (2 gun), cards, dice 2 pcs.
№ 4: German engineers, the Soviet mortar (2 pieces), plastic hexagon height map.
№ 5: Soviet pioneers, the German mortar (2 pieces), plastic hexagon height map.
№ 6: German tank T-2 Soviet 45-mm gun, maps.
№ 7: The Soviet T-26 tanks, the German guns, maps.
№ 8: Soviet 37mm anti-aircraft guns, knives Schmidt - 109 cards.
№ 9: German 37mm anti-aircraft guns, a Soviet fighter La HS-3 card.
№ 10 ': German tank T-III, Engineering barricades card.
№ 11: Soviet T-34 tanks, engineering, map.
№ 12: Soviet infantry, the German howitzer Le-18 card.
№:13: German Infantry, the Soviet howitzer M-30 card.
№ 14: German Ju-87 Stuka, a Soviet CIS -5 cards.
№ 15: Soviet Il-2, a German Opel Blitz truck cards.
№ 16: German Panzer HANOMAG, BIS Katyusha artillery, maps.
№ 17: Soviet Tank BT-5, the German infantry card.
№ 18: German tank T-38 Soviet infantry map.

Notice, after releasing of the board game still further figures and vehicles will be delivered with the magazine. (The 13th and the following editions will be published in a time period from November 2010 till January 2011.)

That means there will be further extpansions!

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