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Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Battles of Westeros" - boardgame / Leadership cards!

Leadership cards are another important component of the "Battles of Westeros" - boardgame.

The player uses them to give orders to his forces.

The back of this cards has his House's symbol.

As an example, the house Lannister:

Leadership cards have 2 different layouts.

One is so-called basic, with a "command box" and a "command icon" in the upper left corner of the this text box.

There are 10 basic leadership cards.

The other variant is called, "commander-specific" and has 2 or 3 different sections.

The first section is the "command box", with a "command icon", like on the basic leadership card. Some of the leadership cards has 2 command boxes!

The second section is the tactic box.

There are for each commander 5 commander-specific leadership cards.

The main difference between both card types is, the picture of the commander figure in the lower right corner on the "commander-specific" leadership cards.

While playing a commander-specific leadership card, the player should declare which commander is using the card.

BUT, with the choosen card, the player may activate ANOTHER commander, not the one pictured on the card.

(IMHO, this is confusing...)

The Leadership card allow a choosen commander to give orders to multiple units.

If the player wishes to use the tactic box on the card as well, he must first check, if the requirements are fulfilled for using this tactic.

More info about playing with cards will be soon here...

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