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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wargame Magazine "The great victories"

The announcement of the board game "The great Patriotic War 1941" makes it clear that the new 1/72 WW2-production line from Zvezda was actually a new Wargame concept.

The whole story began actually with the appearance of a wargame-magazine at 16.04.10.

Here is a brief report from the Russian by "Google" translated and somewhat corrected.

"Publisher Egmont Russia" together with "Star in April” published the" Great Victories" - magazine, with a board game and a series of figures, soldiers of the Soviet and German armies containing the Second World War.
The collection consists of aircraft, tanks, combat vehicles, weapons.

The magazine has drawn richly illustrated with colorful patterns, hand paintings, photographs, maps, and contains detailed information about the major battles.

Magazine aimed at students in lower and middle classes, as well as collectors.
An the end, the reader is the owner of an army.

The game can be started from the first release - first it will be an easy game, but with each additional number of soldiers, the playing field, additional rules and equipment it will grow.

By the end of 2010, there will be 18 issues of the journal.

The journal is published from 16 April 2010, published every 2 weeks.

Together with the first edition comes:
• A number of Soviet infantry;
• A number of German infantrymen;
• The playing field is A3
• The cards are laminated - 2 pcs.
• dice "1.6" - 1 pc

The second edition will be published on 30 April 2010.

Together with the second edition, each reader, because of the "Great Victory" (the end of World War 2!) also receives a gift!

In the second edition:
• A number of Soviet infantry;
• A number of German machine-gunner machine gun;
• Cut Hex?
• The cards are laminated - 2 pcs.
• Made of plastic produced hexagonal hill 2 pcs.

Number of pages: 16 pages
Format: 210 x 285 mm
Frequency: 2 times a month
Suggested retail price - 160 rubles.

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