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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Which scale?

While reading (after translated through "Google") messages in some russian forums I am a little bit confused about the scale of the figures and vehicles in the forthcoming boardgame of Zvezda.

Some say, it's 1/72, which matchs with the figures on the photos.

But there is a photo on which we can compare vehicle and figure, knowing the figures scale is 1/72, than the vehicle scale should be smaller one.

Maybe 1/100?

and a photo from Egmont russia tells us another story:

It's written: (thanks Google!)

Publishing House Egmont Russia in April, runs a unique collector's edition of the "Great Victory", which includes informative magazine, a board game and a set of figures, soldiers of the Soviet and German armies of the Great Patriotic War, as well as military vehicles in scale 1:144. The collection also shows aircraft, tanks, combat vehicles, weapons. The publication is richly illustrated with colorful patterns, hand-drawn images, photographs, maps, and contains unique information about the major battles.

and now 1/144 scale?

Lets wait and see!

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